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July 08, 2024

Medical science has provided many breakthroughs in recent years – from diabetes drugs such as Ozempic to MRNA vaccines. Yet the cost of bringing medicines to market has never been higher, and research and development costs continue to spiral.

“Here’s where pharma services come in,” says John Maldonado, Managing Partner, in the foreword to the Advent Pharma Services Report. “By outsourcing various aspects of their business to pharma services companies, the big drug companies become leaner and meaner. They can deliver their medicines to the market in a more effective way, treating more patients and saving more lives.”

In the Advent Pharma Services Report, you can discover:

  • How pharma outsourcing can address the affordability crisis in the pharma industry by lowering the cost of drug manufacture and testing
  • Why advances in biologics, which are complex therapeutic agents derived from living organisms, call for increasingly specialized outsourced providers
  • How outsourcing has moved beyond clinical trials and drug manufacture to include commercialization, particularly in fields such as digital, rare disease and reimbursement

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