Investment strategy

Advent employs a long-established strategy of operationally intensive, sector-focused investing across North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. We seek to invest in well-positioned companies with operational and strategic improvement potential and partner with management teams to create value by driving revenue and earnings growth.

We do not designate a fixed percentage of capital to any particular geography or sector. We can respond to changing market conditions and dynamically allocate capital and resources to the most attractive investment opportunities across our target markets.

Sector specialization

We focus on five core industry sectors where we have substantial experience and deep local and international knowledge:

  • Business & Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Retail, Consumer & Leisure
  • Technology, Media & Telecom

We have been investing in each of these sectors an average of 29 years and have made at least 40 and in most cases over 70 investments worldwide in each sector. This specialization enables us to develop useful insights into industry trends and create effective strategies to better support our portfolio companies in achieving their growth objectives.


Geographic focus

We manage two investment programs focused on established and developing markets around the world: Global Private Equity (GPE), investing in North America, Europe and selected markets globally including Asia, and Latin American Private Equity Fund (LAPEF), investing across Latin America. The table at the bottom of this page provides a snapshot of each program.


Flexibility across
deal types and sizes

The breadth and depth of our capabilities gives us flexibility to invest in transactions of various types and sizes. Our track record of over 345 private equity investments includes deals ranging from all-equity and leveraged buyouts to growth equity investments, public-to-private transactions and recapitalizations. Depending on the fund we’re deploying, we can invest anywhere from $50 million to $1 billion of equity in companies with enterprise values of $50 million to $3.5 billion and above (see table below).


Ownership approach

We typically take a majority shareholding in a company, as our experience shows that we can support the implementation of the value creation plan more effectively if we have control and are an active owner. However, we will also consider minority ownership where we are working with like-minded shareholders.


Operationally driven
value creation

We partner with high-quality management teams to build long-term value in companies by driving revenue and earnings growth through operational improvements, strategic repositioning and market expansion, both domestically and internationally. Value is created mainly through operational expertise rather than financial engineering.



Region(s) Europe / North America / Global Latin America
Current fund Global Private Equity IX (GPE IX) Latin American Private Equity Fund VI (LAPEF VI)
Size $17.5 billion/€15.6 billion $2.1 billion
Geographic focus Europe, North America and other selected markets globally Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and other selected Latin American markets
Sector focus
  • Business & financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Retail, consumer & leisure
  • Technology, media & telecom
  • Business & financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial & infrastructure
  • Retail, consumer & leisure
  • Technology, media & telecom
Deal types Buyouts, growth equity investments, public-to-private transactions, recapitalizations Buyouts, growth equity investments, public-to-private transactions, recapitalizations
Advent equity investment
  • €/$100 million–€/$1 billion
  • $50 million–$300 million
Company enterprise value
  • Up to €3 billion ($3.5 billion) and selected larger transactions
  • $50 million–$1 billion and selected larger transactions


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