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Sunley House Capital Management is an investment manager focused primarily on publicly traded securities. Formed in 2014 as a subsidiary of Advent International, Sunley House seeks to produce attractive, long-term returns from a concentrated global portfolio of public investments. To develop this portfolio, we are employing Advent’s well-established private equity approach, which combines thorough research and due diligence with long-term underwriting standards.

We believe that this approach and long-term view provide a meaningful competitive advantage. In pursuing our investment strategy, we are able to utilize the significant sector expertise, investment experience and resources of Advent globally.


Investment strategy

Sunley House invests primarily in publicly traded securities of issuers in North America and Europe and selectively on a global basis in markets such as Asia and Latin America where Advent has local professionals and investment experience. We seek to identify companies that exhibit the potential for substantial capital appreciation through anticipated earnings sustainability or growth.

Our research and due diligence process focuses on a company’s potential performance over a three- to five-year horizon. In conducting our analysis, we aim to fully understand the trade-offs between the quality of a business and its growth profile relative to its valuation. Companies with strong fundamentals and growth opportunities often trade at a premium, so we look to invest when short-term uncertainty leads to valuations that we believe are attractive.


Investment process

Sunley House has developed a fundamental, research-intensive process to identify companies that we consider the most attractive target businesses. We focus principally on the same five core industry sectors as Advent:

  • Business & Financial Services;
  • Healthcare;
  • Industrial;
  • Retail, Consumer & Leisure; and
  • Technology, Media & Telecom

By concentrating on attractive subsectors and identifying long-term secular themes within each of these markets, we work to identify companies that we believe merit further analysis and monitoring for potential investment.

We strive to be patient, disciplined and opportunistic investors, as we believe this allows us to capitalize on short-term dislocations in the marketplace and invest in companies at times that provide the potential for the most attractive long-term returns.


Experienced team

The Sunley House team consists of 9 investment professionals and four additional professionals focused on compliance, finance and operations. We also utilize the significant sector expertise, investment experience and resources of Advent’s private equity teams, comprising more than 195 professionals globally, as well as the support of Advent teams involved in compliance, finance, operations and other functions.

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Mohammed Anjarwala

Managing Director


Jack Cahn



Jhaleh Ghassemi

Director of Finance


David Greenberg



Yusef M. Kassim

Managing Director

New York

Jordan Katz



Tom Knott

Managing Director


Simon Lambert



Devan Luster

Vice President


Abhinav Sharman

Assistant Director


Eileen Sivolella

Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer


Jaime Utano

Compliance Manager


Heather Zuzenak

Chief Compliance Officer


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