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PE’s equality push: ‘A lot more to do’ as most inclusive firms revealed

March 08, 2022

For the second year running, we are proud to be recognised as the leading private equity firm for Diversity & Inclusion by Equality Group.

In recent years, we have made significant progress in our effort to improve Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (“DEI”) across Advent and the businesses in which we invest. We are pleased that, for the second year in a row, these efforts have been formally recognised by the Equality Group, which has once again named Advent as the leading private equity firm globally for Diversity & Inclusion.

We see this as a long-term, firmwide effort and, while we are pleased that our efforts are being recognised, we know that cultural change of the kind we want to achieve takes time. This recognition provides motivation for us to maintain our leadership position as we seek to recruit and develop a new, diverse generation of talent, for a new world of work. Click here to read the full article.

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