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Riding a wave of innovation in the payments sector

June 04, 2024

As an investor, Advent has been privileged to support many exciting businesses that have helped to define the payments sector. From carveout deals to create payments champions, to evolving business models offering vertical software and seamless payments, our investments have helped to shape this dynamic space into its current form.

“Our work in payments has always depended on talent and supporting the development of high performing organizations and teams,” says Jeff Paduch, Managing Partner, in the foreword to the report. “We have been incredibly fortunate to work alongside defining advisors in the ecosystem and some of the best teams in the space, many of whom continue to work with us across multiple deals today.”

In the Advent Payments Sector report, you can discover:

  • How the ‘horizontal’ model of payments evolved into the ‘vertical model’, in which fintechs offer software and services on top of payments processing
  • How payments businesses are the enablers of modern-day global commerce by facilitating cross-border, cross-currency transactions around the world
  • Why we see huge opportunities in B2B payments, a bigger market than B2C that is relatively underpenetrated by digital solutions

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