Pascal Stefani


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Managing Director
Advent International SAS, Paris
Joined Advent in 1998


+33 (0) 1 55 37 29 00


Pascal Stefani joined Advent International in 1998, and managed the Paris office from October 2007 to July 2014. Since August 2014 he has been a managing director on a part time basis focusing on Gerard Darel and Oberthur Technologies.

Prior to Advent, he spent eight years with Financière Saint Dominique, the private equity arm of Natixis (formerly Crédit National). Before joining Natixis, Pascal worked as an assistant to the CEO of a distribution company specialising in do-it-yourself products and building materials, and as head of acquisitions for an automotive supplier.


Pascal has a degree in business administration from HEC (Paris).


Pascal Stefani

Investments participated in

Pascal has led or co-led teams on Advent's investments in Loxam S.A., MC International S.A., BCS S.A.,Sportfive S.A., Stokomani, Sophis, Monext, Gérard Darel and Oberthur Technologies.



Gérard Darel, Oberthur Technologies


Sophis, Sportfive, Loxam, Monext, Stokomani


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