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Sector: Retail/Restaurants
Country: Brazil
Region: Latin America
Deal type: Buyout

International Meal Company (IMC) is the leading casual dining company in Latin America.

Operating in city centers, shopping malls, airports and highways, IMC has established a strong market presence, with well-known and highly regarded brands in Brazil, Mexico and the Caribbean.

The group's creation involved the acquisition of 6 companies in 4 countries over the last 4 years. The main companies acquired in Brazil were Viena, a leading restaurant chain focused on shopping malls; Frango Assado, a concession operator of highway restaurants; and Grupo RA, which provides catering services and operates restaurants in Brazilian airports.

These acquisitions were supported by the introduction of a world class management team, which not only leveraged IMC’s strong relationship with its suppliers/partners but also improved the quality of its products, services and operations. Management has also realized synergies and economies of scale gains through the creation of centralized kitchens and cross branding strategies.

Currently operating 200 restaurants, with headquarters in São Paulo, IMC has achieved its objective of becoming the largest multi-brand retail food concessionaire and dining chain in Brazil. In order to continue its consolidation in the casual dining sector, the company is launching its recruiting process for 3 interns in São Paulo-SP.

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