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Advent International has been active in China since 1984 through an affiliate and has now established a fully operational local team in Shanghai.

Advent has a highly qualified team of mainly Chinese nationals with extensive investment experience in mainland China across Advent’s core sectors.

The Advent China team aims at supporting the management teams of Chinese companies in facing challenges arising from global competition as well as capturing opportunities from strong local growth, helping the global Advent deal teams in analysing the China angle on global deals, and supporting the global Advent portfolio companies in achieving their expansion plans in China.

Presence of some of our portfolio companies in China

Maxam:  The European leader and one of three global leaders in the civil explosives and initiation systems industry. The company has invested in a plant in the Shandong Province which will be focused on the manufacturing and commercialization of civil explosives and initiation systems for the mining, quarrying and infrastructure construction sectors within the Chinese market. The project is a joint venture that involves two local partners and the support of the Chinese authorities at a state, regional and municipal level.

Oxea:   Leading global producer of oxo chemicals and its derivatives.
The company is building a plant in Nanjing, which will produce Oxea’s specialty esters, phthalate-free plasticizers and other oxo derivatives which will serve the fast-growing demand for oxo derivatives in China and Asia. Oxo derivatives are key ingredients that are used in nearly all sectors of China’s economy, including automotive, construction, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and personal care products. This investment will establish a new production platform for Oxea in China and is part of Oxea’s overall strategy to expand into growth regions.

HC Starck:  Manufacturer of refractory metals, advanced ceramics and electronic chemicals. The company intends to strengthen its regional commitments, particularly in Asia, and has signed agreements for a joint venture in the production of tungsten chemicals, tungsten metal, and tungsten carbides with one of the largest tungsten mining companies in China.


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