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Global Highlights 2013/14

Technology, Media & Telecoms

Strengthening core activities and expanding e-product offering to accelerate growth

Wydawnictwa Szkolne i Pedagogiczne (WSiP), one of Poland’s largest educational publishers, had led the Polish market in traditional educational materials since its state-owned origins in 1945. However, the company lacked the vision and strategies to carry its momentum forward. Significantly, the potential of technology-led initiatives had not fully been taken advantage of.

We acquired WSiP in 2010 aiming to leverage our education sector experience to strengthen WSiP’s core activities and to expand the e-learning portfolio, accelerating the company’s growth.

Making organizational and operational changes was a crucial first step in supporting the ambitious targets we had set for the company. With a strong management team in place, WSiP has achieved key milestones, including streamlining core products, gaining approval for 77 new products following Poland’s curriculum reform and developing a comprehensive e-strategy. Examples of e-products that have been launched are WSiPnet, an interactive educational platform for students already using WSiP books, and Egzamer, an internet-based testing and diagnostic service for students. The opportunities offered by expanding digital learning are now WSiP’s main objective as the company builds on this success.

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