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Global Highlights 2013/14

Technology, Media & Telecoms

KMD is Denmark's largest IT company, providing innovative software, services and business process solutions for government, the public sector and private clients. Founded in 1972, the company has a long track record as a trusted partner to the Danish state, digitizing complex transactions from parliamentary elections and social benefits distribution to the administration of schools. Each year, KMD's systems handle billions of kroner, equivalent to more than 25% of Denmark's GDP.

Investing in the company in 2012, we were attracted by KMD's unique insight into and competence in delivering critical software solutions to local government. Building on this platform, we recognized substantial opportunities to develop adjacent areas of the Danish welfare state. We also saw the potential to leverage our global resources to help the business expand across Europe.

A first step has been to implement a program of operational efficiency, streamlining decision-making to strengthen the company's core. Product development and customer support have also been enhanced. Now, KMD's focus has turned to growing new public sector areas, innovating solutions for eLearning and internet-based delivery for elderly care.

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