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Global Highlights 2013/14


Founded in 1899, Mediq is a leading European healthcare product distribution business delivering pharmaceuticals, medical devices and related care services through three channels: direct to patients, healthcare providers and via Mediq pharmacies. Based in the Netherlands, the business operates across 15 markets.

Mediq's strong position in the highly-fragmented medical distribution industry, along with its recent drive for international expansion, offered significant opportunities for scale benefits and future global consolidation. Coupled with growing healthcare spend and an ageing population increasingly treated at home, this presented a compelling scenario for growth. Taking the business private in 2013, our aim was to build a European leader in medical supply.

Over the past year, we have worked with management on a clear value creation plan, restructuring and resourcing the business to increase revenue and streamline operations. We have agreed to sell the non-core Polish pharmacy operations and focused on strengthening Mediq's lead in the Dutch pharmacy market. Going forward, new product development and strategic acquisitions are central to our efforts to grow Mediq's global influence and drive long-term sustainable growth.

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