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Global Highlights 2013/14


Implementing world-class processes and international best practices

Founded in 1995, Biotoscana Farma is a specialty pharmaceuticals in-licensor and marketer with operations in five Latin American countries. We acquired Biotoscana at the end of 2011 as our first investment in Colombia.

Biotoscana’s strong position in Colombia and its emerging presence in the neighboring countries offered geographical advantages for expansion. Coupled with the company’s focus on high-margin, high-value products in niche and often new medical areas, this presented an attractive scenario for growth. Our aim was to transform Biotoscana from a national family-owned business to a multinational player.

Over the last year, we have played a key role in professionalizing processes and management. Initiatives such as product licensing, new product rollouts and the re-presentation of existing products are underway to increase revenue and market share. Nine new products were launched in 2012 and a further 50 are planned by 2015. Additionally, we are pursuing acquisitions in Brazil and Mexico and selectively in countries where the company is already present. This will increase Biotoscana’s footprint, fuel its future growth and increase the attractiveness of the company in a future sale process.

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