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Global Highlights 2013/14

Business and Financial Services

Driven by labor reform and a young demographic, Mexico's emerging pension system is one of the fastest-growing in the world. With a disproportionately high number of workers to retirees in the country, the potential for inflows into pensions is significant compared to outflows, and sustainable as the working-age population is set to rise further.

We invested in Monterrey based InverCap in November 2012, attracted by the company's strong market position and its prospects for growth. Founded in 1997, InverCap's main subsidiary, Afore InverCap, manages one of Mexico's best-performing pension funds.

Over the past year, we have supported InverCap in enhancing management and streamlining operations, strengthening controls and improving reporting procedures. Adding 1,300 agents and 16 new branches, the company is well ahead of its sales expansion plan. We are also forging systemic opportunities to increase contribution levels in line with global standards and win approval of new investment models through regulatory change.

Today, InverCap invests the retirement savings of approximately three million employees, with total assets under management of over $10 billion. Our goal is to partner with InverCap in its continuing success.

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