Domestic & General Group plc (UK)


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D&G is the UK’s leading specialist provider of extended warranty plans for domestic electrical goods.

The investment was Advent’s fifth financial services transaction in 2007 and the first fully-financed public-to-private deal completed since that summer’s turbulence in the credit markets.

With 4.2 million customers and covering over 6 million appliances in the UK, D&G maintains close relationships with the major brown and white goods manufacturers. The business also has an expanding European presence with established retailers in Germany, Spain, Italy and Poland.

The prospects for D&G are excellent. As well as the general growth in the extended warranty market driven by increasing sales of insurable products, the company’s international network provides a valuable strategic platform in the growing European market, in particular Central & Eastern Europe.

Domestic & General complies with the Walker Working Group’s disclosure guidelines applicable to certain UK companies.



Bram Grimmelt

Director, Advent International plc, London
T: +44 (0)20 7333 0800