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The UK’s market leading sofa retailer

Founded by Lord Kirkham in 1969, DFS is the UK’s leading sofa retailer, with 100 stores and employing more than 2,600 people.

DFS offers a superior breadth and range of products that appeal to the mass market.

Advent completed the acquisition of DFS in June 2010. The transaction was supported by a vendor loan from the founder which was fully refinanced by a high-yield bond in July 2010.

DFS operates in a sector which has been difficult for some retailers, but its relative size, own-manufacturing capabilities and strong reputation has allowed it to perform well.

Advent is working with the management team to drive expansion through new store roll-outs, growing the online proposition and developing new products.



Fred Wakeman

Managing Partner, Advent International plc, London
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Andy Dawson

Managing Director, Advent International plc, London
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